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I FINALLY am doing yoga twice a week for the first time, I have NEVER stuck to yoga before. Doing two classes a week makes EVERYTHING better.

Patricia, Washington

My favorites are the twenty minute Circular Floorwork classes. And I so so so appreciate those weekly emails that tell me what is new. Thank you thank you for reminding me that I can do this on my own.

Kathy, California

I do the Feel Better classes to feel better. To say I love this channel is an understatement especially with my crazy schedule. And those weekly emails keep me on track because I can just click the classes I want to take..

Annie, New York

The twenty minute Hip Class was exactly what I needed before those long zoom days. I am so glad that I can access your classes online after following you all these years. Love love love your classes. As you always say “Thank Goodness For Yoga”

Nina, New Jersey

So many AHA moments every time I do Band Work Express classes. I even have the husband joining me. I think my new favorite feeling is that my legs are working and are not melting into the chair. Thank you for bringing yoga back into my life

Suzanna, New Mexico

I used to take a ton of yoga classes but they were always the same poses that I hated. Nothing ever felt GOOD for my body. The Band Work blows my mind. I can finally stretch without feeling like a loser. Love the way you teach and appreciate those weekly reminders.

Natasha, Utah

Those first few months of staying home were really really rough for me and your classes helped me through. I kept logging on every week cause I always felt better after a class. I have rearranged my schedule so I can always make the monthly class. You seem to know just what to say . Thank you for everything.

Jessica, California

I thought I was too old to start yoga. At least yoga that was challenging. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions about how often to practice. As you say in the class, when you take your practice seriously you have the freedom to laugh.

Elizabeth, New York

As a yoga teacher I love your classes. Not only do I appreciate the strength work I get a ton of inspiration for my own classes (especially the Band Work and the Circular Floorwork). I think what I like best is the way I can choose my adventure of what kind of class I need this week.

Jamila, Las Vegas