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Strong. Stretched. Stable.

Designed by best-selling author Wini Linguvic, The Elevate Practice is your BEST resource for building strength and flexibility through INTELLIGENT yoga classes.


Meet Wini Linguvic

My students call me the yoga whisperer but the truth is I don't WHISPER at all.

I speak BOLDLY about what works (REALLY WORKS) to keep your body strong, stretched AND centered.

You don't read the same books you did when we were twenty or thirty years old.

Why are you trying to do the same workout routines or yoga programs?

My work is by offering intelligent progressive classes that help you FEEL better in and about the body you live in NOW.

Cause when you LIKE taking class, you will KEEP taking class.

That is how we ELEVATE your yoga practice.




Whether you are a beginner, a lifelong athlete who wants to KEEP moving, or simply want to navigate the aging process with GRACE and STRENGTH, our classes and programs are designed to ELEVATE the way you move, bend and breathe.

<p>Unlimited Streaming</p>

Unlimited Streaming

Access to over 200 classes and an ever-expanding library based on our cutting-edge curriculum.

Classes and programs for inspiration, education and transformation, for the body you live in NOW.

<p>Designed By A Strength Coach</p>

Designed By A Strength Coach

Designed by strength coach and yoga teacher Wini Linguvic, our classes work with the NATURAL movements of the body to build strength, flexibility AND stability.

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Member Benefits

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Comments And Compliments 💛

Your classes work. I feel the Circular Floorwork classes RIGHT away and those rolldowns get me SET for the day. Thank you for always reminding me that the goal of the classes is to FEEL BETTER.

<p>Stacey M</p>, <p>San Francisco, California</p>

Stacey M

San Francisco, California

I am a 57 year old runner who wants to KEEP running. I started with the Feel Better Stretch classes and found that working with the Bands (LOVE THOSE BANDS) was EXACTLY what I needed. I have never liked stretching because it never felt good. Now I actually look forward to it!

<p>Lisa P.</p>, <p>Connecticut, USA</p>

Lisa P.

Connecticut, USA

There is something about Wini Linguvic that makes me not so SCARED of getting older. I have always loved yoga and these classes make me remember that. My favorites are the Move, Bend And Breathe classes.

<p>Martha H.</p>, <p>Pennsylvania, USA</p>

Martha H.

Pennsylvania, USA

This is not yoga with soft music or a bunch of jumping around. It is more like smart yoga with a sense of humor. I can finally touch my toes without wincing AND do the entire Circular Floorwork Series.

<p>Leah D.</p>, <p>Dublin, Ireland</p>

Leah D.

Dublin, Ireland

Circular Floorwork two mornings a week has changed my life. The twenty minutes is ALL I need. Thank you for helping me find my core strength again.

<p>Petra G.</p>, <p> Gerolstein, Germany</p>

Petra G.

Gerolstein, Germany

Most "mature" or "over forty" classes are too easy and not for me. I needed something that was challenging but also DOABLE. Thank you.

<p>Cari Ann</p>, <p>Santa Cruz, California</p>

Cari Ann

Santa Cruz, California

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