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Plan Questions

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  • New classes every month
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    Great question!

    You need two yoga blocks, a yoga strap and a set of resistance bands for Band Work.

    We have a super prop video that explains it in the Getting Started section

    Don’t be intimidated by props or equipment.

    You can absolutely get started with two yoga blocks right away!

    One of the MOST used features is the Favorites list. Your Favorites list will appear in your library when you log in.

    To ADD a video to your Favorites list click on the little star that appears under the video. To DELETE a video from your Favorites list play the video and click the star again.

    Both plans receive the exact same classes except the monthly is billed on a monthly basis and the annual is billed once per year.

    The annual plan is the BEST value for sure at only $8.40 per week!

    Please consult your doctor or professional healthcare provider before starting any class. And please reach out to me directly with any specific questions.

    The plans do NOT include private consultations. Twice a year I offer The Practice Makeover, a separate program which includes a (you guessed it) a TOTAL makeover of YOUR practice. More information is available on my website.

    That said I am very involved in ALL aspects of these programs and WANT to hear you.

    Many members use the chat box about once a week after a class to ask a question or a comment. This is ALWAYS the best because right AFTER your class is when the question or comment is fresh in your mind and you can refer to the specific class that you just took.

    Also ALL plans include our monthly live streams where there is ALWAYS time to chat after class.

    YES! The membership does include two live stream workshops each month.
    Each live-stream workshop includes a question and answer section.
    These classes are ALSO recorded and available for all members.

    Yes! To purchase a gift card please go HERE.

    Billing Questions

    Simple. Sign into your account, select Billing and enter the new credit card information there.

    To cancel your subscription, simply login to your account, select Billing, then go to Change Plan. Then click Cancel Membership. Once you cancel you won't be charged again, but your membership will continue until the end of the current billing cycle.

    Many credit/debit cards have online purchase restrictions for many reasons. If your card is being declined, please contact your credit card company to let them know the purchase you would like to make is valid.

    Other Questions

    This is the best way to check in with me after class. Most members love the chat box to ask a question about the class, to ask what program to do next or to request more of their favorite classes.

    The chat box is a super useful tool because right AFTER your class is when the question or comment is fresh in your mind and you can refer to the specific class that you just took.

    Please send me an email directly.

    I read every email I get.

    I do have an assistant for the logistical stuff, like billing and program release dates and time frames and stuff like that but please reach out to me and I will make sure your question gets answered.

    Just drop me a note at wini@theelevatepractice.com.